Model Trains

Bringing ‘never been produced’ models or ‘long since gone’ models back to life. Fine detail OO/HO scale trains for your model railroad made by KR Models.

GT3 Wins Best 'OO' Gauge Locomotive!

KR Models launched its model railway business in 2018 with plans to produce a ‘OO’ gauge ready-to-run model of unique English Electric gas turbine prototype GT3, and now it’s in the Hornby Magazine office for review. MIKE WILD pays close attention to this sought-after new arrival. 

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The Scunthorpe Hunslet Bo-Bo

In the 1960s British Steel planned the multi-million-pound refurbishment of the Scunthorpe steelworks site known as the Anchor Project, of which work began in the 1970s.

Hunslet BO-BO

BR Palbrick Wagon

Originally medium goods wagons converted to carry pallets of bricks, the Palbrick featured 3 different variations for different sizes of pallets. Palbrick A could carry 13 tons, whereas B and C could carry 16 tons. 

BR Palbrick Wagon

About KR Models

The aim is to bring ‘never been produced’ models or ‘long since gone’ models back to life. KR (Keith Revell), Models Ltd, was born out of my passion for model railways.